Castle siege starts from this weekend !

Dear fierce fighters,

Sharpen your sword, get your full stack of mana, the sieges will start from this weekend.

We start by the following sieges :
Gludio castle - (Saturday) 6th of July 2013 16:00 server time
Rune castle - (Sunday) 7th of July 2013 16:00 server time

The event will be live streamed (with a certain delay).
The stream will start 10 minutes before the sieges starts.
Stream URL : http://www.twitch.tv/sawkl2

Those castle are awaiting for their new ruler, will you be one of them ?
See you in game.

Remember that Hellbound Island opens from tomorrow !
Posted on 02 Jul 2013 by Sawk

The server is live since 20 minutes.

The server is live since 20 minutes, you can join and enjoy L2-Renewal.
Some PvP is already going on.

We hope you to have a pleasant gaming.
See you in game.
Posted on 29 Jun 2013 by Sawk

Full patch available

Hey everybody,

The full patch is available on the website.
You can grab it from here : http://www.l2-renewal.net/index.php?page=download

You can prepare yourself for the live, make sure everything is ready for the grand live.
We will open in few hours as you know, get ready for 16:00 CEST.
Remember that there will be a live stream that will start approximately 1 hour before the launch.
Get more information here : http://forum.l2-renewal.net/index.php?topic=1661.0

If you have any issue, make sure you have the visual redist installed, you can ask for support in the technical issues section if it's related to any issue with the client.

See you very soon in game.
Posted on 29 Jun 2013 by Sawk

Open beta

Hey everybody,

[The open beta is now closed. See you tomortow for the live]
The server is currently in open beta, it might give you a preview of what is going to be for the live.
Few change in the beta server will be done, such as adjustment of the cancel time and effect if needed.
Note that the patch is a beta patch, a patch for the live server will be provided on Saturday that will add additional fixes.

You can register your account now from the website : http://www.l2-renewal.net/index.php?page=panel_register
You can download the beta patch from : http://www.l2-renewal.net/beta_system_renewal.rar
The client used is Gracia Final, if you use another chronicle it's at your own risk.

The open beta will close on Friday afternoon for the live preparation.
All the characters, items and any asset in game will be wiped out.
The account that you register will however remain.

Note as well that due to the fact that we are on weekdays I won't be able to provide support in game.

Please feel free to post feedback on the forum.
As you noticed, the donation are still not available, I am a little bit late on that aspect.
As for the donation, the only thing that will be available at the start will so far be the subclass quest donation.
Nobless donation will be added once first people gets it via the normal way first.
Posted on 26 Jun 2013 by Sawk

ETA : Official launch date

Hey everybody,

Many of you have been waiting to have an official ETA, there we go.
The official live date is : 29th of June 2013 at 16:00 European Time ( CEST )

For more information such as Question/Answer concerning the server, please check the forum post here

Thank you for your patience.
Posted on 09 Jun 2013 by Sawk

Website/Forum back online. Features posted

Hey everybody,

Sorry for the extended downtime.

During this downtime we migrated the whole network back to the original one, it took some time for the datacenter staff to get back my switch back in place and configure it as I wasn't physically in the datacenter.
We also use in addition to our own network the arbor network solution to increase our network security. It took quite a significant time to install and setup.

Second network update, we are using a CDN for the website, it basically means the page are loading faster for you and files will also be on CDN so you will download it as fast as you can, wether you'd be in Europe, US or Asia.

In the meantime I have posted the definitive features in the website. There might be small changes but not significant ones so you can consider it as final.

Last thing, I decided to wipe the forum for a simple reason, it was not containing any useful post and was mainly full of spam from player that were just here to troll. Thanks to keep it clean that time, I won't hesitate to use the ban-hammer if needed. Thank you.

I will announce an ETA as soon as I can.
Posted on 25 May 2013 by Sawk