Renewal relaunching in November

Hey everybody,

I am proud to announce that L2-Renewal will relaunch on November (2014).
I will let you know about the precise day and time as soon as it is decided !
A quick trailer available is available: http://youtu.be/dJo8x-oun9A

I know you have a lot of questions concerning the feature and details so I will give some details about that.
The server will be going Gracia Final chronicle, I will base it on the feature of the previous L2-Renewal but I will change few things such as :
- Customizing a little bit the Gracia final instance drops
- Reworking the farming drop amount and raid boss drops
- Reworking some buff duration (EG : I had some complains about counter critical which were justified, might give a think about it)

I will provide more details when time come.
Feel free to write some feedback and comments in the forum.

See you soon in game !
Posted on 07 Sep 2014 by Sawk